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making the most out of the little things

The Beauty in Being Easily Fascinated 

The Beauty in Being Easily Fascinated 

My story:

I’ve heard from many different people that they find it enlightening or comforting when they see me get excited or fascinated about the smallest of things.  I feel like this has always been a characteristic of mine, but even more so since becoming a minimalist.  Since cutting things out of my life, I’m learning how every small thing can be some sort of impact in my life.  I’m learning to appreciate everything from tiny gifts to just a good meaningful conversation to a small yet beautiful aspect of my surroundings.  I find that seeing even the “insignificant” things as beautiful or fascinating a great way to live.

2 Tips for how to be easily fascinated:

  1. Find something good in everything you see and do. This is kind of like eye-spy.  Open your eyes wider to your surroundings and look for things that you may not have otherwise. Pick out a beautiful flower from a garden or a specifically colorful leaf on an autumn tree. Doing these kinds of exercises will help you begin to see every little thing that is important in your life.
  2. Be grateful for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Sometimes you get dealt a bad hand and everything seems to be going wrong.  These are the days you just have to look harder for the little important things in your life.  Maybe you have a bad experience with a group of people you have to work with. Look for something good that may have come put of that experience.

It’s hard to live this way everyday, but the more you begin to see wonder in the tiny things in life, the more you’ll appreciate the bigger things in life, and a more content & happy of a lifestyle you’ll start to live.

How well do you find the little things to be interesting? Try out my tips and let me know in the comments how it works! Do you have your own tips for living a content lifestyle? Let me know below!

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