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5 Ways to Create Hygge in Small Spaces 

5 Ways to Create Hygge in Small Spaces 


“A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)”

I’ve seen hygge as something alot of scandi minimalists really getting into.  I first learned about hygge from a video by Jenny Mustard.  Hygge can be added to a minimalist lifestyle to create coziness within a clean and simple environment.

Here are 5 different ways I was able to infuse my small living space with elements of hygge:

  1. Twinkle lights or any kind of warm lighting is a great way to soften a space.  I know the lights in my dorm are bright white and give me a headache, so my little lanterns are the perfect solution.
  2. Lots of Pillows are another way to (literally) soften up a room.  My bed is the bottom bunk so my goal was to have my bed as kind of a couch/ soft place that people could use when they hang out in my room.
  3. Warm drinks are such a cozy to touch to a dorm.  My roomie and I also have a little shelf where we keep our mugs/ teas/ and K-cups (not pictured) Warm drinks are a great way to relax and create a safe and comfy space.
  4. Flowers are a great way to freshen up a space.  Depending on the feel of your space, there are so many different types of flowers to compliment your style.  I prefer some dry wildflowers.
  5. My college doesn’t allow candles, so to get a nice calming smell when I walk into my room I use my Diffuser.  Not only does it smell nice, but essential oils also have several healing purposes like smooth sleeping and relieving headaches.


These are just a few things I’ve done so far this semester to add some hygge to my dorm room.  Do you like the idea of Hygge?  How do you guys incorporate hygge into your lives?  Leave me a comment below with your own tips!

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