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Design from a Christian Perspective

Design from a Christian Perspective

Made In His Image

When God created man, he created us in HIS image.  The first humans were, “a pair of persons who can live in society and who can use their gifts to cause others to flourish”  As a communications major and design/marketing minor, I would love to one day use my talents to help others effectively share what they need to say.  God’s plan for us is to take care of the earth, multiply, and create culture.  Culture is a beautiful thing that’s stems from God himself. His intentions for us are to use the knowledge and power he gave us as humans, and make something great of this world.

Culture is “what we make of the world”

It is our relentless and restless human effort to take this world as it has been given to us, and make something new.  Just as God created the world out of nothing, he instilled in us the drive to create out of what he has given us.  Our God given desire is to make something more than we were given.

My Goal as a designer:

is to make things possible that were impossible, and make things impossible that were once possible.  My goal after graduation is to get a job in design.  When I say “design” most people think of graphics or interiors.  There is so much more to design than that! Engineers of the world may come together to build great things, but they always work with designers who have great ideas.  So many things have become possible in just the past few years: highways, TVs, smartphones, social media, and computers.  All of these great things would not have been made possible without the creative minds of designers.

Designers are also more than creators; they are also curators.  The definition of curate is to “select, organize, and look after”.  That is exactly what God did after he created.  He is not simply a creator of the Earth, but a curator.  He looks after his creation even after it has been created. As a designer, I both create and curate, just as the Great Designer who designed me.

I hope to one day become a better designer by  seeking God, learning from His great design, and using my God given talents to help others.





Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga

Culture Making- recovering our creative calling by Andy Crouch.

Both of these books I found particularly helpful and relatable  because they focus on the importance of creating with God in mind.

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