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3 Things I’ve Started Buying Since Becoming a Minimalist

3 Things I’ve Started Buying Since Becoming a Minimalist

Yes it is true, I’ve started buying some things since becoming minimalist!  Since becoming a minimalist, I’ve stopped spending in certain areas and started buying in others.  This post is kind of a “part two” based off of my other post- “3 Things I’ve Stopped Buying Since Becoming a Minimalist” Basically, I’ve shifted my spending into a different area where I find spending money more meaningful.

  1. I’ve started buying more experiences.  I’ve learned through my journey thus far that I want to spend my money doing things and going places with people I care about.  I used to put a lot of time, effort, and money into things.  I’ve grown up thinking and putting a lot of meaning onto objects, possessions, and memorabilia. Part of this was how I was raised, but since turning 20, I’ve started thinking more about how I want to live my life and how I want to one day raise my family.  I want to live my life caring about others and having good memories enjoying simple things, than having a lot of nice stuff.
  2. I’ve started buying better food. When traveling or just hanging out with friends, I used to put food aside and save my money for clothes or trinkets.  I would put my stomach on hold so I could buy more “stuff” that I really didn’t need.  Now I’m not afraid of spending a few bucks more to get guacamole or Starbucks when I’m going shopping.  My focus is to spend less on unnecessary things, so I wont spend ALL my money buying fancy expensive food, but I’m now putting food and my health before having money for new shoes.
  3. I’m buying quality clothes and shoes… when NEEDED.  I used to spend my money on a lot of cheap clothes that would snag, fall apart, or break easily.  I’ve since then sold/ gave away many of my clothes and shoes that I didn’t love or didn’t fit.  Now if I need something new, I look into buying higher quality so they can last longer.  Its amazing looking back to how often I would go shopping and buy things I didn’t need for for.  Now when I need something, I put in research by looking at quality brands I like and seeing if they have what I need, then  I wait til my friends or family want to go shopping, and buy new items then.


So although I am buying new stuff now, I’m still making sure I’m not buying excess things that will add stress to my life.  Currently, I am a college student.  I may not be buying MANY of these things all the time, but they are what I am dedicating my money too.

What do you think about minimalism? Are you a minimalist?  Let me know what your ideas and tips are as I am adjusting my lifestyle to be minimalistic!

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