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3 Things I’ve Stopped Buying Since Becoming A Minimalist

3 Things I’ve Stopped Buying Since Becoming A Minimalist

Since deciding that I wanted to be a minimalist, I’ve started buying a lot less “Junk”.  It is very tempting in today’s society to want to go out and buy the latest things that everyone has been telling you that you “Need”.  Minimalism has really put into perspective for me what is a “Need” and what is a “Want”.

Here are three things that I used to buy a lot, that I now don’t buy at all!

  1. Clearance Shirts- I think I’ve mentioned this before on here, but I can’t emphasis it enough! I used to buy SO MANY clearance shirts.  I had this mentality that if it was a good deal, I HAD to buy it.  I also did a lot of thrifting, which I have cut down.  I now only go shopping and thrifting if I need something, or the purpose of going shopping is to spend time with someone else for fun.
  2. Home Decor– I went through so many different phases throughout middle school and highschool. And with each phase came a new room interior. I didn’t always go and buy a new comforter and large appliances, but I would buy lots of small cheesy decorations to fit the latest fad. Recently I’ve started taking things off my walls and dresser space and it has opens up my room so much, and even makes it easier for cleaning. My dad of many words even said last night “you took down your things” referring to the copious amounts of posters, pictures, art and photos I used to have covering my walls. Now I don’t buy interiors and I just let my room be filled with small memorabilia items I find along my adventures.
  3. Fad Items– I used to be so into trying to “keep up with the Jones” and would always go put and buy the latest and greatest things. I felt pressured by people I used to hang out with to buy things that made me fit in and cool. Fad Items are those things that sell out in one store, then every other store sells cheap versions and next thing you know, there is a whola pile sitting for free in GoodWill. For me, alot of these things are fashion items. I have refused to buy things that I don’t believe will be around for more than a few years. For example- chokers. They can look cute, but I’ve seen so many and by the time I buy one no body will be wearing them anymore. Another is magazines. I’ve stopped buying fashion magazines for the purpose of gaining information on fashion. The old ones I had purchased no longer are “in” and I now use them in art projects. It just doesn’t make sense in the long run to invest in these types of products, and if you buy these products to fit in. Then you are buying it for the wrong purpose.

Being Minimal isn’t all about buying less stuff and having less, it’s about living with the BEST of your things and not buying things that don’t add value to your life. These are just a few things I have stopped buying. Take a minute and think about what you buy on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. Now which of those things really add value to your life? Which ones don’t? Adjust accordingly.

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