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Study Tips for the Creative Mind

Study Tips for the Creative Mind

As an artsy person in love with paintings and dancing, sitting still and memorizing seemingly pointless facts does NOT come easily.  This semester I’m taking a required class for my school- Civilization and the Arts. Seems fun right? I thought so until I got my first test score back.  Sometimes we think that Artistic classes should come easy for artsy people right? Wrong, we should put in just as much effort to the hard and “ugly” math and science classes as we do our “fun” art classes.

Trying to memorize pieces of art can be difficult sitting in front of a screen flipping through note cards on Quizlet. Here are a few tips to help keep Art fun:

  1. Study slowly in small portions over time. If you study to much in a concentrated period of time, it can exhaust your brain.
  2. Focus all your attention on the task at hand. If you are concentrating on many different things, your studying becomes noise in the background and you can end up easily forgetting what you were focusing on.
  3. Say things out loud.  My mind is working a mile a minute and sometimes I end up not giving a piece of art the time it deserves because i rapidly think through it in my head in 20 seconds. Think about your work; and then verbalize your thoughts and then think through what you said.
  4. Take a moment to sit and ABSORB the piece of work you are focusing on. This helps you see/hear everything, and maybe catch things you didn’t the first few times.

Hope these tips help some people who have just as hard a time as I do!

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