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Has there ever been something that you were super passionate, but others discouraged you from pursuing it?  My passion is Dance.

I’ve always been a big dancer; I’ve been dancing since I could walk.  I did lots of competitions and I danced many different styles, but when I went to college, I learned just how “not good enough” I was. As a little freshman, I came in having done ten dances at my studio and a heart passionate for dance, but it seemed as if everyone was so much more talented than me.

This semester I started getting into the numbers for the various dance shows, but I still go to practices full of anxiety about the way and style I move and my knowledge of certain dance techniques and specific styles.  Sometimes you can feel as if everyone is looking at you or judging you for your capabilities. Then I asked myself, “Why am I doing this if I’m not having a good time? I used to love dance!?”

Of course I want to be there! I love dancing and I love how I can express feelings with movement and be able to share it with others. I discovered that although there are new dancers with different sets of skills from me, doesn’t mean I should stop doing what I love! Never more has the phrase- “dance like nobody is watching” impacted me.  I needed to learn if I worry to much on what others think, it negativley effects my dancing and my overall mood towards others. If i focus on the dance, and the moods and feelings of the song while having a good time expressing myself- it makes dancing so much more enjoyable!

These Key Points apply to anyone who has ever been passionate about something:

  • Do what you love, and pursue what you love, even if others shoot you down.
  • Passion and Practice can get you far in Life

I hope this helped someone who’s been feeling a little out of place when they’re passionate about something. Be courageous! and don’t let others direct you away from your dreams:)

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  • I think that’s a way that college definitely opened my eyes. I may have been the best in high school, but not so much in college. Once we get used to the fact that there will always be someone better than us, we’ll be able to focus on outdoing our past selves rather than competing with others.

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