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13 ways to live Adventurously Everyday

13 ways to live Adventurously Everyday

Lately I’ve been discouraged by the fact I can’t travel to other countries and see the world. This idea of “wanderlust” has become such a popular thing in today’s society. Everyone wants to go out and explore the world, but not everyone has the means to, including myself.

For others out there who seek adventure, I compiled a list of ways to satisfy your hunger while not braking the bank:

  1. Hike: a great way to get outside and explore. Whether you are in this country, or somewhere exotic, the best way to explore is on your feet
  2. Biking: gets you around faster and let’s you see the sights while zipping along
  3. Swim: no matter the weather, everyday splashing in the water is a fun time
  4. Eat new food: trying something new can always feel like an adventure. Making a dish from another country can feel like a trip in itself
  5. Dance: is a great expression of emotion. Dance can help you explore your desire for adventure
  6. Local natural sights: be it waterfalls, mountains, fields or forests; sometimes you have to work with what you have available. Look online for the nearest sights to you!
  7. Brave the weather: no matter if it’s freezing or scorching, make an adventure out of the weather and embrace what nature has given you in the day that you have
  8. Run somewhere: can give you a sense of freedom and direction
  9. Sit on a roof: look up at the stars on the sky and daydream while being on the edge
  10. Find train tracks: have an adventure either looking for, or Walking on train tracks. Look for trains and watch them as they fly by
  11. Plant a tree: find an acorn, and Apple seed, or some other baby tree nugget and plant it in a pot to watch it grow
  12. Hammock: in warm or cold weather, relax in nature
  13. Dive: either off a rope swing, large rock, or maybe even cliff. Take the plunge into adventure

Main Point: Think of things you would be doing in another country ex. new foods, kayaking, rock climbing, swimming… and do them HERE! It’s all about how you perceive your situation.

I hope these few ideas can help you learn to live adventurous lives with what you have been given. We shouldn’t feel the need to travel far and wide everyday when there are so many adventures waiting just outside your door

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