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making the most out of the little things

Find your Happiness

Find your Happiness

When I was a sophomore in high school, I got the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Zambia Africa.  My pastor had moved down there after visiting several times and decided to help the pastors down there spread God’s word working side by side with them.  Me and my father went down for a little over a week to help him with his house and other houses of villagers on his property.  When I looked at the local people, I learned the real meaning of the word poverty. I had never seen people living on so little.  But these people were not sad about their circumstance. They lived happy lives by cherishing the life they had been given.



A few things a learned:

  1. Make the most out of what you have been given

    We live in a society where we just want more and more.  When I got back home to P.A. after living in Africa for a week, I realized how blessed me and my family were. I have been given so much and I should focus more on all the things God has blessed me with, and less about.

  2. Cherish the little things in life

    I often find myself drifting off and focusing so much on the big scary things in life that are far down the road, or out of my control.  I’ve learned that the best thing for me to do is take a deep breathe and think about all the small things in daily life that make living worthwhile.  People have told me that I have encouraged them to live a more positive life just by the way I live mine.  I’m the type of person who gets super excited to be at a college where I can wake up, walk upstairs to the dining hall, and eat a warm breakfast everyday.  I get excited about the things I learn in my classes, and I focus on small moments with people I love.

  3. Find beauty in every situation

    I try to live my life by looking for the silver lining even in the worst types of situation.  The Zambians I met may have been living in cramped, dirty homes, but they loved being with their families and playing together.  This motivated me to try to find beauty in situations that may be pretty ugly.  With finals week coming up, plenty of students are worrying and complaining about their tests.  I like to think of finals as a time period where I can focus on everything I’ve learned and study all snuggled up in my room and not worry about going to classes, but still getting the luxury of being at school and seeing my friends.




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