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making the most out of the little things

Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Recently I’ve started buying less and less clothes. I tried to go full on minimalist, but that was quite a feat to tackle! Instead of becoming minimalist, I’ve become a “lessist” aka someone who lives with less. I spent a lot of my time shopping for clothes and possessions that I don’t really need. I’ve started only buying things I need (most of the time haha). Now that I have enough clothes, I’ve focused on trying not to buy much/any more unless I’m getting rid of or replacing old clothes. ┬áThis has reverted me to using the clothes that I have to make my outfits, which shows my true personality. People that have too many clothes, I’ve noticed, have less personality in their outfits.With a minimal clothset, your outfits become more personal and fun.


  1. Less is less you have to worry about
  2. Less creates a more personal sense of fashion
  3. Less means more money you can use for important/essential things

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