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A Little Motivation

A Little Motivation

Over the summer I went with my family to a small art museum in Pittsburgh.  There were many different and interesting to exhibits by renowned and professional artists, but my favorite part of our trip was a little interactive section in the very back where people could write motivational notes and hang them up making a massive sculpture.

This was such a good idea because your note could be read by anyone. If you wrote a note based on your own personal struggles, it just might help someone else struggling with the same thing. You might also find just the right note that you needed in your life as well.


After seeing this exhibit, I realize how much a good little note can be. I’ve started personally writing more notes to my friends and either sending them in the mail, or just putting them on their dorm room doors and school.  You never know who needs a little more positivity in their lives, so b the person who motivates and lifts up others.

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